Danielle DeTiberus and Jill Douglas met in in the last century—in a haze of patchouli and hemp necklaces at Emerson College, where they both studied Writing, Literature & Publishing. Almost twenty years later, though they live in different cities, they still find a shared home in language and the power of self-expression. Danielle is a professional writer, and has taught literature and writing for over a decade. Jill has spent the last fifteen years teaching and studying yoga, and now leads her own yoga teacher-training program.

Over the years and over many bottles of wine, the two often dreamed of collaborating together as a way to open up their conversations about art, science, feminism and relationships with other like-minded people. They experienced first-hand how professional, familial and societal demands can lead to a sense of isolation and apathy. This disconnect ultimately leads to suffering and to an inability to contribute to the greater good. By combining their shared passions and individual expertise, though, they discovered that they could support others in their paths towards living a more purposeful, empowered and inspired life.

What does this mean exactly? Danielle and Jill guide their workshops and retreats with the overall philosophy that the practices of yoga and writing prepare us for the practice of living. Their mission is to provide a space—whether it be on the mat or on the page— where we allow ourselves to ask big questions, to connect with our intuition, and to let go of shame or self-doubt. This work is challenging, but Danielle and Jill believe that it shouldn’t take itself too seriously. The deepest wisdom often comes through laughter and mistakes.

If you’re ready to get out of your own way, to dig deep into the forgotten wisdom of spirit and to get real with others who want to do the same, join Danielle and Jill in creating the space to hear your inner voice on the mat and to bring that voice back to life on the page.

For more information, please read about their workshops in the United States as well as their retreats abroad.