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"In a Black Tank Top" in Best American Poetry 2015

"Turtleneck" in Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts


In 2016, she received the Carrie McCray Nickens Fellowship in poetry from the South Carolina Academy of Authors. Former NC Poet Laureate Joseph Bathanti selected her work, noting, "What wonderful audacity and range these poems showcase-- mapping out with unflinching candor and unforgettable thrumming language the often troubling, always confusing, territory of the heart and the stories forged from it."

"I Thought After Thirty" won the Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Society Prize from the Poetry Society of South Carolina in the Winter of 2012

"Love and Other Hand Grenades" won the Jane Moran Prize from the Poetry Society of South Carolina in the Winter of 2012

"Like That" was chosen as Honorable Mention by Mark Doty for the Arts & Letters Rumi Poetry Prize in 2009



Review of Emari Digiogio's The Things a Body Might Become in Tupelo Quarterly

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Danielle DeTiberus


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